Built Around You…


You must begin your Induction on the day of your Intake, or the following business day.
If your Induction lasts more than 1 day, you MUST come every consecutive day until your doctor determines that it is complete.
You must at all times avoid taking any illegal drugs.
Stabilization & Maintenance

You must come for your Follow-Up Visits exactly within the time-frame determined by your monitoring physician.
You cannot come earlier than this time-frame.
You cannot come later than this time-frame.
You must at all times avoid taking any illegal drugs.

Random Screenings:

You must appear with 24 hours of receiving a phone call to come in for your Random Screening.

You must bring all your Suboxone pills and/or films with you to be counted.
You must at all times avoid taking any illegal drugs.
You must be prepared to provide a urine sample.
In the case of a positive urine screen, you must at the same time meet with your monitoring physician.


It is illegal to give away or sell your Suboxone medication.
It is illegal to receive Suboxone treatment from more than one physician at a time.
You cannot request an early refill on the medication.
You cannot request a refill without an appointment.
You must take your medication until your monitoring physician declares that you may stop.

Reasons for Disqualification from the program

Failure to adhere to any of the above listed rules.
Lying about anything during your Intake and/or Induction.
Lying about anything during your treatment.
Continuing to consume illegal drugs during your treatment.
Cheating on a urine screening.
Failing a urine screening (found drugs).
Discrepancies in amount of Suboxone medication in your possession.
Selling or distributing your medication.
Receiving Suboxone medication from a different Suboxone physician.
Receiving Suboxone medication via other routes.
Stopping your medication without consulting your monitoring physician.
Failure to provide payment for visits.

Note: If you are dismissed from the Suboxone Treatment Program, there are absolutely no refunds for any of the visits, medications, testing, etc. provided during your treatment. If you are dismissed from the Suboxone program, you are still able to be treated for other medical problems. However, we will no longer be able to provide care for your addiction and will recommend you find another treatment program.

If you decide to continue your Suboxone treatment with a different clinic, we are able to provide a Letter of Discontinued Treatment from our program. Know that we are required to provide a reason for your leaving of our program; whether that reason is your failure to adhere to our policies, or if you simply chose to continue your care elsewhere for personal reasons.