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The Santa Barbara Clinic is a registered Suboxone maintenance partner.
Providing individualized therapy in a respectful and courteous manner.
Contact our clinic to schedule a free consultation and find out if you qualify.
What is the Here to Help Program?

The Here to Help Program is a fully funded support program just for SUBOXONE Film patients as part of a complete treatment plan that also includes counseling..

The Here to Help Program is designed to help keep patients engaged in treatment by:
Providing access to, where patients can learn about managing opioid dependence as a chronic disease and participate in interactive exercises that can support their recovery
Connecting patients to resources—patients can call 866-973-HERE (4373) for help finding counseling options in their area
Focusing patients on their goals—e-mail support provides patients with guidance relevant to their treatment
How do patients enroll?

It's easy. Patients who are being treated with SUBOXONE Film can enroll at Then patients can visit daily to find answers to their questions, engage in skill-building exercises, create action plans, and get the support that can help them follow their treatment plan.